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Is Money Everything? 5 More Factors to Consider Before Taking an Assignment

While salary is certainly important, there’s a lot more to weigh when deciding whether a travel nursing gig is right for you. Here are five things to consider besides compensation….

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Costs to Consider When Evaluating a Travel Nurse Salary Offer

When looking at a travel nursing salary offer, it may be tempting to jump at the first high base rate that comes your way. Before you do, it’s important to…

Travel Nursing Travel Nursing Career Tips

Should You Work with More Than One Travel Nurse Agency?

A lot of travel nurses wonder about working with more than one staffing agency. Some travelers work with two or three agencies at a time, while others find one that…

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10 Best Travel Nursing Destinations

You’ve got the whole country waiting for you as a travel nurse. And such awesome freedom can be a bit overwhelming — how do you narrow down the ideal place…