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5 Must-Have Apps for Tech-Savvy Travel Nurses

Top Apps for travel nurses At TotalMed, we love using the most cutting edge technology, mobile applications and gadgets because we know how precious time is. We have some valuable...
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10 Reasons to Head to Wisconsin for Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment

We’re kicking off our series on the best places to travel to with our very own Wisconsin. Here are 10 reasons to consider Wisconsin for your next travel nursing assignment….

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Compact Travel Nursing License: What It Is and Why You Want One

A compact travel nursing license is your passport to accessing travel assignments in states around the country. Here’s the info you need. What is a compact nursing license? The National…

Things to do on your day off in San Francisco
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Things to Do on Your Day Off in San Francisco

Not sure where your next travel nurse assignment should be? Consider San Francisco. San Francisco is a diverse and open minded city with high quality, advanced facilities who are at...
5 Fun Nurse Game Apps
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5 Fun Nurse Game Apps

Do you want to sharpen your medical knowledge and skills? Do you like having fun? If you said yes to both questions, then keep on reading. We have 5 game...
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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in Travel Nursing

You might not understand at first, or you may have been trained another way, but the best way to learn is to stay open to how every hospital does things…