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Hottest California Travel Nursing Jobs Just Announced

TotalMed is proud to announce a new influx in very high-paying travel nursing job listings in California. The majority of specialties and cities in California are available. Here’s just a…

TotalMed Staffing-- Our recruiters are looking for all nurse jobs to find you the perfect assignment.
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Give Yourself Me Time

To be a good caretaker, you must first take care of yourself. Don’t forget to have “me time”. It is easy as a travel nurse to forget to give yourself...
TotalMed Staffing-- Sleep for travel nurses is very important
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Why Having Quality Sleep Is Important

Nurses Need Sleep Most nurses work long shifts or even double shifts, which can easily lead to sleep deprivation. Long term effects of sleep deprivation can leave you with low...
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5 Reasons to Go to Illinois for Your Next Travel Nursing Gig

You know Illinois is the Land of Lincoln, but Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama have also called the state home. And you’ve heard of Walt Disney,…

Where Can I Find Housing?
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Where Can I Find Housing?

It can be quite intimidating trying to figure out where to live as a new travel nurse. For most, they opt for the company provided housing. Yes, all the work...
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5 Reasons to Make Minnesota Your Next Travel Nursing Destination

You might think Minnesota is this frozen tundra that is practically Canada. While does get very cold in the northern half of the state, the Minnesota Nice will melt even…

obtaining your california RN license Doesn't Have to Be difficult
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How to impress your patients

The saying “first impressions are important” is true. Making a good first impression can be difficult due to the nature of working in the medical field. Sometimes large and unpredictable...