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4 Exercises for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you will often work over 10 hour shifts. Standing and walking for an extended period can be tough on your body. It is important to take...
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Travel Nursing Interview Series: Thomas Booth Talks About the Importance of Relationships While on the Road–with Yourself, Your Recruiter, and New Co-workers

We sat down with some stellar travel nurses and asked them about the challenges and triumphs they’ve experienced in their travels. Thomas Booth discussed the importance of understanding your values,…

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Welcome Alexis Dunbar, the Newest Member of Our Senior Recruiting Team!

We’re proud to announce the newest member of our remote senior recruiting team, Alexis Dunbar! Alexis comes to us with four years’ experience in the healthcare staffing industry. She’s excited…

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Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life Nurse Tips

Travel Nurse Packing Tips

Excited for your first travel assignment, but not sure what to pack? A typical travel nurse assignment is 13 weeks with possible extension. Packing for a travel nurse assignment can...
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5 things you can do to improve yourself in 10 minutes

As a travel nurse, your time is precious. Working long shifts can take up most of your day, and you may forget to set aside time for yourself. Today, I...
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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace as a travel nurse is extremely important as it will help you be successful in your career. In today’s interview, we asked Nurse Mendoza to give advice...
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Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life

4 Ways to Have Fun on Your Travel Nursing Assignment Without Spending Money

As a travel nurse, you have the privilege of visiting different cities. While there are a whole lot of ways to have fun on your days off, you could have...