the tooth to tail guide for starting your travel nurse assignment
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Time Management for Travel Nurses

No matter what nursing profession you are in, effective time management can help boost your career and make you a top candidate for any job. In today’s interview with Nurse...
Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life Nurse Tips

4 Exercises for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you will often work over 10 hour shifts. Standing and walking for an extended period can be tough on your body. It is important to take...
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Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life Nurse Tips

Travel Nurse Packing Tips

Excited for your first travel assignment, but not sure what to pack? A typical travel nurse assignment is 13 weeks with possible extension. Packing for a travel nurse assignment can...
Nurse Life Nurse Tips

5 things you can do to improve yourself in 10 minutes

As a travel nurse, your time is precious. Working long shifts can take up most of your day, and you may forget to set aside time for yourself. Today, I...
5 travel nurse insider tips from TotalMed Staffing
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Effective Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication in the workplace as a travel nurse is extremely important as it will help you be successful in your career. In today’s interview, we asked Nurse Mendoza to give advice...
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Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life

4 Ways to Have Fun on Your Travel Nursing Assignment Without Spending Money

As a travel nurse, you have the privilege of visiting different cities. While there are a whole lot of ways to have fun on your days off, you could have...
Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Nurse Life Nurse Tips

4 Movies to help overcome Travel Nurse Fatigue

Settling in to a new place is a challenge many travel nurses experience. It can be lonely and mentally wearing moving to a new place. You may even forget or...
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Why travel nurses are awesome

Travel nurses are such amazing people. They have a curious heart and love to explore the world. Not only do travel nurses fill their souls with adventure and excitement, but...