Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Travel Nursing

How to Keep Your Immune System Strong as a Travel Nurse

You can’t run — you can’t hide — it’s the attack of the killer germs! As a travel nurse, you’ve accepted it’s all in a day’s work. Health care professionals…

Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses

9 Tips to Create More Time in Your Day as a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you know the value of time management. But in our mile-a-minute days, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to accomplish everything we need…

Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Travel Nursing Life

How to Avoid Burnout in Travel Nursing

No one’s immune from burnout. It can sneak up on you. At first, you’re hitting the snooze button too many times. Then you’re realizing you don’t remember the last time…

Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Travel Nursing Life

What to Do When You’re Homesick in Travel Nursing

With most assignments lasting thirteen weeks — and some even longer — it’s no surprise travel nurses get homesick. Whether it’s nostalgia, missing family or friends, or just general sadness,…

Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Travel Nursing Life

How to Get Started with Mindfulness as a Travel Nurse

You have likely heard a lot of people talking about mindfulness. It’s been popular the past few years — and you might be surprised at the people singing its praises….

Life Hacks for Traveling Nurses Travel Nursing Life

Treat Yourself! 23 Ideas for an Amazing Summer of Self-Care as a Travel Nurse

Nurses know about stress. Nursing is physically taxing, requires long shifts, and demands a great deal of emotional energy. And a recent meta-analysis found that compassion fatigue is a real…

Recruiter Interviews

Meet Your Recruiter: Laura Wenninger ❤️s NYC, the Yankees, and Sushi

“I love the people that I meet,” says Laura Wenninger about recruiting. She’s been at TotalMed for 2 years and in healthcare for the past decade. Learn more about Laura….

Travel Nursing Salary

7 Salary Mistakes That Cost Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is a uniquely rewarding profession — you know you’re uniquely qualified to do it. Your pay and benefits should reflect that. By avoiding common salary mistakes, you can…

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TotalMed Staffing Named to Crain’s Fast 50

Crain’s Chicago recognized the healthcare staffing firm as one of the fastest-growing companies in the city. TotalMed Staffing announced today that it was named to the Crain’s Chicago Business Fast…