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"Just a 10% drop in productivity doubles DNFB accounts"

"42% of evaluation and management claims are incorrect due to upcoding and downcoding, resulting in a loss of $6.7 billion"

"Temporary ICD-related loss in productivity estimated to be 50%-70%"

Our ICD-10 Coders Can Help You:

  1. Improve medical coding accuracy
  2. Ensure top quality ICD-10 knowledge
  3. Boost revenues by cutting DNFB
  4. Speed up your coding cycle
  5. Reduce aging receivables

The #1 Choice for HIM Directors
- Medical Coder Recruiting Made Easy -

“I have worked with a number of healthcare staffing agencies in the past 10 years but none have provided the level of service that I consistently receive from TotalMed Staffing. They quickly respond to my staffing requests and provide me with exceptional candidates for the positions I am seeking to fill. My contact is personable, attentive, professional, and always exceeds my expectations.”

- T.M., Manager

Hiring the best medical coders is hard, but it doesn't have to be. We help you hire the highest-quality coders so that you can reduce lost revenue on DFNB

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