Help is

on the way.

At TotalMed, partnering with health insurers runs deeper than just staffing. Knowing that quality, accessibility, and affordability of care are the top priorities, you shouldn’t have to add another focus: hiring the right personnel.

Our Health Plan division focuses solely on the hiring needs of health insurers across the country. By combining technology and recruitment functions, we’re committed to making it easier for you to keep communities healthy through quality, individualized care. 

Case Management

  • Field and Office based
  • Complex Case Management
  • Long-term Care
  • High-Risk OB
  • Social Work – Behavioral Health

Utilization Management 

  • Prior Authorization
  • Concurrent Review
  • Retrospective Review
  • Appeals Personnel

Quality Improvement

  • Nurses and Administrative
  • Quality Practice Advisors
  • Patient Care Advocates

Front End Support

  • Grievance and Appeals
  • Claims Management
  • Member/Provider Services
  • Project Managers
  • Administrative Roles


  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Call Center Support

Provider Network Support

  • Provider Network Managers
  • Provider Data Analysts
  • Network Management 
    Support and Representatives

Beat out your competitors for top talent.

You know that quality health plan employees can be hard to find — and the competition for their service is tight. Our proprietary AI technology taps predictive marketing tools and outreach campaigns 24/7 to bring you top talent through non-traditional recruitment avenues. By bringing you candidates no other firm can find, we set you up for success.

Move quickly to reduce understaffing and boost efficiency.

You can increase your speed to fill — our technology helps us deliver the candidates to you faster than any other company in the country. It used to take 24 hours to turn around a candidate submittal. Now? We can get you your first submittal in a single hour.

Rely on fully vetted staff whose skills match your needs.

Not just any candidates will do — we ensure that you receive candidates who have been painstakingly vetted. We don’t just place anyone that comes across our ATS like other companies do — we tailor placements to your specific needs. Because of this, our candidates stay with you: we have a 11% attrition rate — less than the national average of 15%.