Support For Hospitals

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Why Valley?

Four key areas make Valley the very best choice for your contingent clinical staffing needs.

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Ensuring your vacancies are filled with a quality clinician faster than any other company, guaranteed.

Rapid and Thorough Compliance

The moment Valley recruits a clinician, our credentialing process is initiated. Not after they take a position, but immediately. This ensures that the clinician is able to start an assignment sooner than most candidates.


Valley’s clinicians stay with Valley. Why? Because we offer a 401K with America’s Best 401K, offering the very best of low cost funds, and we match 5%. At no cost to them, our clinicians have the very best medical benefits through United Healthcare or Kaiser Permanente, and this includes dental and vision coverage. They also receive a free gym membership so that can stay healthy.

Job action support

If your facility has the threat of a strike, Valley has the experience, the best technology to make it easiest for you, and tens of thousands of clinicians who will deploy quickly.

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Taking three years to perfect a system, Valley built a best-in-class system using, the same platform on which Salesforce is built.  We call it ValleyForce.  Simply stated, this is the system that will revolutionize the way your facility is staffed and will do it by saving you money at the same time.

When your unit managers or staffing coordinators post a need in the VMS of your choice, within ours, or through a 24-hour service line or email, ValleyForce immediately goes to work.  The billing rate is used to calculate the weekly net paycheck for the clinician, and the housing and travel costs are calculated, too.  Next, a campaign is initiated through email and SMS text that notifies all clinicians who meet the order’s criteria of the opening and sends their pay and housing quotes.  Again, this happens in real time.  In the unlikely event that the order is not filled the same day, a ‘drip campaign’ is initiated

Because you provide care 24 hours a day, our system works ‘round the clock, too.  So, if your order is entered at 3AM on a weekend, all matching candidates are notified with the requirements along with their pay and housing quotes.  Our team of recruiters are also notified real time; we don’t wait until Monday morning to start working for you, we start when you have the need no matter when that need arises.

By the way, the system is the best-in-class for rapid response due to job action or unit staffing instability.  Perfect profiles are sent available in real time for your unit managers’ review, and credentialing is shared with you digitally and in real time, with daily status updates at 10AM and 4PM for all booked clinicians.  Never will you be kept in the dark with status and progress, and in the unlikely event there is an issue with compliance, your team will know real-time, not when it’s too late to take action.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator css_animation=”fadeIn”][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top”]


Valley’s compliance process earned us the 2017 Best in Compliance Award.  As soon as Clinician is added to our ValleyForce, the medical and background screening start, too.  The system automatically notifies the background company to start their FCRA compliant search, education verification, and NURSYS license check.  As well, the medical screening and immunizations appointment is created for the Clinician in their current zip code, and the Clinician is emailed the ‘Order of Services’ with a bar code that is scanned when they arrive.

In tandem, the Clinician is completing their online Core Competencies, Specialty testing, and Policy Acknowledgements, which they can complete using their mobile phone or computer.  Our process is clearly communicated with the Clinician along with timeline requirements.

Each day, your team is sent a status update reflecting all that has been completed and all that remains outstanding, with an estimation of completion.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator css_animation=”fadeIn”][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top”]


Continuity of care is critical for quality patient treatment and satisfaction.  Valley is proud to offer the very best benefits among any competitor, ensuring the Clinicians who work for Valley stay with Valley, benefiting your facility with reliable utilization planning.

In 2016, Valley began offering America’s Best 401K and fiduciary services through Creative Planning for all employees, even contingent staff.  We are proud to report that Valley recently landed the 20th spot on Bloomberg’s 2017 scoring of company 401(k) plans, ahead of companies such as Exxon Mobil, Merck, and Bank of America. Why? Because not only do we offer the highest performing low-cost funds to choose from, but we match 5% of the employee’s contribution.  That’s not insignificant and is also a major reason our Clinician’s stay with Valley.

We don’t stop at helping to ensure the Clinician’s future financial freedom, but we also offer no-cost medical, dental, and vision coverage.  And the coverage is not a low-cost plan with huge deductibles, but instead a very robust, low deductible PPO or HMO.

Valley enjoys a net promotor score of 73, a world-class score of which we are very proud.  On Glassdoor, you will find our rating is 4.5 out of 5, our CEO has an 83% approval rating, and 84% would likely recommend to a friend.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator css_animation=”fadeIn”][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top”]

Strike Support

If your facility is under the threat of a job action, Valley is the very best in responding.  Bold statement?  Yes, we know, but it’s true.  Year-round Valley recruits Clinicians for job action response.  The Clinicians we recruit and deploy meet all your unit staffing requirements, not just nursing, and not just allied or therapy; all staffing requirements.

We are familiar with the other agencies offering support, and we do it better.  The organization of the Clinicians’ files makes this difficult time for your facility easier.  We offer relief, ease, and reliability, and at a lower cost than all competitors.

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